Huggies Disposable Diapers Product Range

Published: 11th September 2009
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Huggies disposable diapers are well known brands. Their product ranges are:

Huggies Ultra Diapers:

Huggies Ultra diapers are very good absorbent. It absorbs moisture and keeps baby's soft skin dry and healthy. Its hug-flex design provides comfortable easy movement and better comfort for babies.
Its gentle stretched waistband provides snug, comfortable fit. Its ultra dry layer and ultra absorbent pad prevents leakage for more than 12 hours and hence keeps baby's sensitive skin dry and free from rashes. It has also soft cloth like cover that also keeps baby's skin dry.
Huggies Ultra diapers also have soft magic tapes for better fixing and tightening.
Its leg are cut down and designed in such a way that allows easy movement and comfort to the baby.

Huggies Ultra diapers come in two sizes:

Medium suited for baby weighted 10-12 kg and large suited for baby weighted 8-13 kg.

Huggies Dry Diapers:

Huggies Dry Diapers are thin soft and light, especially manufactured for overnight. It provides spectacular protection from leakage overnight. Its super absorbent pads absorb moisture and prevents from leakage. It has non sticky grip tapes for fixing and unfixing diapers rapidly and easily. It is best suited for active babies because of its stretchable waist bands. Cottony inner and outer cover keep's baby skin soft.
Huggies Dry diapers are available in for size ranges:

Small size for baby weighing upto7 kg
Medium size for baby weighing from 5 to 11kg.
Large size for baby weighing from 8 to 14kg.
Extra Large size for baby weighing over 12kg.

Huggies Care Diapers:

Huggies care diapers are available at very reasonable price so that most of the parents can afford. Its super absorbent fabric absorbs all moisture and helps to keep their baby's tender skin dry.
Available sizes are:
Small - Up to 7kg
Medium - 5 to 11kg
Large - 8 to 14kg

Huggies New Born Diapers:

Huggies have introduced and manufactured diapers especially for new born babies. Its fabric is ultra soft and prevents diaper rashes at all. Its ultra breathable covering keeps newborn baby's tender skin soft and dry by allowing air to circulate. Its ultra dry layer and ultra absorbent pad prevents leakage for more than 12 hours, keeping baby's skin dry and fresh over night. It has also ultra soft magic tapes designed especially keeping in mind the tender soft skin of new born babies.
It is for babies weighing up to 4kg only.

For more information on Huggies diapers plz visit Huggies Newborn Diapers Site

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